MineOS: Minecraft Hosting Improved

What does MineOS offer to Linux?

MineOS has always aimed for a very niche audience--this aim has the downside a smaller community than general server solutions, such as Ubuntu Server. On the other hand, it has the upside of having a much more targetted and relevant set of applications and documentation to get it working the way it needs to be.

MineOS is all about learning to be an effective game host. Even better, a system administrator. Better yet, no sacrifices are made--neither in security nor functionality--to provide users with a fun, educational, and effective server platform.

To provide a one-stop answer to Minecraft hosting, the following features are pre-configured, optimized, and/or available as tools at your disposal.

1. My games Web-based server admin page
-remotely manage your servers, backups, archives, mapping, and console from your browser
2. Improved, incremental world backups
-space-efficient and precise rdiff-backup method using the rsync algorithm
3. Single-click downloading of the user-interface and server mods (such as vanilla, bukkit, etc)
4. Safer, more secure implementation/OS
-MineOS follows the close everything, then open-what-you-need methodology.
5. And a small memory footprint.

Fortunately, I have labored over the installers, scripts and configuration files exhaustively to make MineOS Turnkey palatable even to a Linux novice. Those familiar with Linux should be able to embrace MineOS Turnkey easily. Why? Because under the hood, it is Debian Linux, a stable, hardened distribution--with MineOS trimmings on the top.

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